Welcome, October

Ok, so it’s October 1st.  The Federal Government has effectively shut down.  Open enrollment for the ACA has started, but the website isn’t working.  In fact, until about 11:00am this morning, the MA iteration of the website didn’t even reflect that open enrollment for people looking for ACA healthcare effective 1/1/14 had begun.

October, you’re not impressing me much.  I generally like this time of year.  The weather is better, the leaves are turning, apple harvests are upon us, and it’s cool enough to sleep decently at night.  But so far?  This first day is really unimpressive, October.

Then again, when it comes down to it, the reality is that the weather is fine, I’m having a totally acceptable day at work, and we’re actually able to cover our rent tonight.

The problem is really with you, steadily imploding GOP.  The problem is with a group of irresponsible, craven, power hungry fools who let their fear of a small base of sexist, xenophobic, misogynist, racist, bigoted, unintelligent, anti-education wingnuts hijack the national agenda and infrastructure.

But!  The ACA is already funded, so despite the fact that you’re mad as hell that people like me and Geoff might actually have a shot at getting health coverage when we lose our Medicaid, the program is still going forward.  All you’re doing is pretty much guaranteeing that you’re going to lose the next election and that what passes for brains and strategy in your party won’t be able to fix it.  And you know what?  I’m all right with that.

So, welcome, October.  You’re OK.  The rest of us are going to hunker down and hope that this blows over without killing anyone.  Wingnuts?  That’s on you.



The Daily News is calling you out, Tea Party/GOP. You’re done. Time to go home now.

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