Two awesome videos

These are two videos that have come across my media feeds lately.  They’re very different from one another, but they’re both absolutely worth watching.  And, now that the Game of Thrones season premier is over, you can do just that.

First, the video that will make you want graham crackers.

Any company this awesome will get my business.  Geoff and I have talked about this before, if you’re publicly for equality, we’ll do business with you.

And this one is for you geek/analytical/planner/organizer types out there.  Hat tip to Patricio on this one.  It came from here and it is for anyone who has ever had to walk into a meeting and tried to get anything done with people who had budgetary/creative/deadline control and no idea what they were actually doing.

Now you can go back to dissecting the Game of Thrones premiere.




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