This week, in the randomness that is the internet

Every so often I come across a random photo or drawing on the internet that amuses or horrifies me.  Or if I’m lucky it makes me wonder what on earth is going on.  This is a round up of three that I’ve come across this week.  Enjoy?

The first came in my daily email from  I’m sure they thought they were being funny.  It really failed.

cognitive dissonance
“Unbelievably cozy underthings”? Really? Does that look “cozy” to you? She’s got a knife strapped to her thigh and she’s snarling.

Also?  The Flintstones hairdo is not something I’d think of as comfy.  I bet it took hot rollers and half a bottle of hairspray to get that prehistoric look.  At least, it would for me.

Anyway, moving on.  I came across this photo and I just LOVED it.  I work with a lot of different animals and if I had the chance to examine this little guy in real life I’d jump at it.

glass frog
This is a glass frog. You can actually see the internal organs. Nature made it this way on purpose.

I think this is just the coolest thing.  There are apparently more than 100 species of these things living in South America.  I don’t know which particular species this one is, but I think it is SO neat.  The idea that there is some sort of evolutionary advantage to this is just awesome.

And last, but not least, a little humor for you.  If only nature actually worked this way.  Then again, we don’t know for sure that it doesn’t.

Sea cows as Nessie
Geoff likes Cryptozoology sort of like most people like mystery novels. I just found the concept of manatees intentionally tricking tourists as genius.

If only manatees actually lived in Loch Ness, then we might have an answer.  Anyway, that’s all for this week.  Enjoy.


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