Summer storm insanity

Yesterday I worked all day in Boston and then headed to a security gig down the street in Beacon Hill.  When I left the house that morning, they said there was a slight chance of rain later in the day.  I think it was something like 20%.  So I had my little umbrella with me, thinking that I would be fine since I did not have too far to walk.

Well, the weather got a little interesting just after I got to my security job.

One of those summer thunderstorms brewed up in a ridiculously short period of time.  Way less than an hour, if I am not mistaken.  And it was not a little rain either.  It was a monsoon.  I have no idea how much rain fell in that short period of time that the thundercell was over us, but it had to be enough to cause some serious localized flooding.  All the people coming inside the building were just soaked.  I looked outside and saw the gutter rivulets quickly grow into little streams that overflowed the curb and looked strong enough to knock someone off their feet.  Easily six inches deep.  And since my new weather software on my phone now has a lightning warning system, I started getting messages about how lightning was within ten miles.  Then within two miles.  Then within three-tenths of a mile.  The thunder got quite loud.  Luckily the storm cell had blown through by the time I had to make my way home, but the humidity level was ridiculous and I was soaked in sweat by the time I got back to the house.

I am ready for fall to get here for good.


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