The world needs more cute kitteh pictures

So naturally, I thought I would oblige everyone with some new pics of the kittehs, especially little Violet.

This is Violet, mugging for the camera.
This is Violet, mugging for the camera.

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So, we adopted a ninja

After losing Bucky back at the end of May, and then going through the insanity of buying a house and moving, Geoff and I talked about getting another cat.  It was especially evident that this was a good idea once we moved in here as this place has a lot of room and Scratch turned into a SUPER cling monster.  Yesterday, after searching on multiple websites here and there for a couple of weeks, we went to the MSPCA with a couple of kitties in mind as possible contenders.

Our only criteria was that the cat was female, not a kitten, had lived with other cats, and could get used to other cats.  We were not planning on getting a ninja in the bargain.

Presenting Dame Violet Crawley Hopkins-Michael, KBE*.

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Footprints in the snow

I worked a half shift yesterday before I went to rehearsal last night.  I wasn’t really in any mood to deal with people but one of my coworkers had called out sick and another was sick and needed to go home.  Word had also spread about Rerun’s passing and this particular group of people, who are ordinarily nice to me, were super sweet and supportive.  I ended up with a lot of time to work in the quiet places and get some time alone.  I really appreciated it.

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Kittens + geeks = this

The internet really doesn’t have enough cats yet.  And since we already have videos of cats doing all sorts of things, it was only a matter of time until someone made a video of cats (or kittehs, if you will) fighting with lightsabers.

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This week, in the randomness that is the internet

Every so often I come across a random photo or drawing on the internet that amuses or horrifies me.  Or if I’m lucky it makes me wonder what on earth is going on.  This is a round up of three that I’ve come across this week.  Enjoy?

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Gratuitous Dachshund Photos and Video

We may have mentioned before that dachshund stuff just seems to find its way to us.  The same is true for dachshund photos.  Below are some adorable dachshund photos that we’ve come across or had mailed to us recently.

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Midwestern through Western PA/NY Eastern OH folks!

This little one needs your help.  He needs a home, either forever or foster ASAP.  Check him out.

Just look at that face!
Black cats make the best companions

Are you taken yet.  No?  Well then, I present you with TUMMY FLOOF!

Look at that tummy?
Belly FLOOF!

Jet is, as you will see at the link above, fully vaccinated, snipped, and ready to go to his new forever or foster home.  If you’re interested, know someone who might be, or just want to look at more picture, please click through to the website above (linked again here because I’m evil) and contact the blog owner.  She’ll get right back to you.