Footprints in the snow

I worked a half shift yesterday before I went to rehearsal last night.  I wasn’t really in any mood to deal with people but one of my coworkers had called out sick and another was sick and needed to go home.  Word had also spread about Rerun’s passing and this particular group of people, who are ordinarily nice to me, were super sweet and supportive.  I ended up with a lot of time to work in the quiet places and get some time alone.  I really appreciated it.

A lot of people will tell you that animals leave footprints on your heart.  I won’t disagree with that.  They leave footprints on your heart, your soul, your pants, the sheets, pretty much any place they can get their feet.  The ceiling?  I wouldn’t put it past Scratch.  Anyway, after I closed up yesterday and started the inky dusk, not quite dark, walk home I noticed these.  And they made me smile.

Bunny footprints
Two pairs of bunny tracks facing one another on top of a retaining wall on the way home.


Rabbits are not unheard of in Cambridge.  I’ve seen a large cottontail or two near Harvard on occasion and there’s a family that lives on our street.  I’ve never seen one when I’ve been able to get to my phone to snap a photo, but apparently the local bunny population is no stranger to being out and about in the snow.

We had a tiny bit of snow the other day and I guess the bunnies were having a party.  There were prints everywhere.  These photos are of my favorite prints.  I stopped to look at them and noticed that it looking like two bunnies had hopped up to one another and touch noses, possibly sizing one another up.  Maybe on a date?

Then, they went their separate ways.

Going in opposite directions. I guess it didn’t work out.

Whatever happened at the Bunny Hop, something about seeing all those prints in the sparkling snow made me smile.  I needed a little smile.  Rerun would have been sniffing around and through all that snow wondering where the rabbits were.  I’m sure he’s wreaking havoc in heaven right now as he joyfully chases, but never quite catches, all the cats, kittens, rabbits, birds, and other furred and feathered critters up there with him, barking loudly as he goes.

Thanks for the footprints.


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