Rerun S. Hopkins-Michael June 2003 – January 15, 2015

This is not the obituary I thought I’d be writing.  I really thought that Rerun would be with us for a while yet.  Rerun died this morning.  He was 11 years old.

What a handsome boy.
Rerun in profile, before he started to go silver in the muzzle.

Rerun and I didn’t always get along.  I have scars on my hands and an ER visit to show for what he originally thought of me when Geoff and I were first dating.  The real breakthrough came a few years ago after Geoff had moved here and we were engaged.  I was in the hospital for a 5 day EEG.  Since moving here, Rerun and I had never been separated for so long.  When I got home from the hospital he ran right up to me and presented me with his favorite toy.

The Prozac also helped.  Rerun had an anxiety disorder of epic proportions and once that was under control he was a great dog.  He was funny and cuddly and a great watch dog.  He was an inveterate beggar, but also the first to greet small children while Thumbelina was the one who’d hang back.  He was also the worst burrower in the history of Dachshunds.

I think this is my favorite Rerun picture.  I was sorting through a pile of blankets and rugs after moving and, pop! all of the sudden, there he was.

A year ago Rerun took ill with a bout of pancreatitis.  He spent several days in the hospital and came home to a joyous and very worried Thumbelina.  2 days ago he started to exhibit signs of pancreatitis again and so we watched and controlled his diet and medicated.  Yesterday afternoon and last night he was having none of it.  No food, no water, nothing.  We tried to pill him and he bit Geoff and broke the pill shooter.

We gave him 24 hours to get back to food and water before we took him to the vet for IV fluids.  He woke us this morning at about 2:30am having an extreme seizure.  He’d never had a seizure before so as soon as he came out of it we wrapped him up in a soft fleece blanket and took him to Angell.  They took him to the CCU immediately.  After a couple of hours of treatment and discussions with the doctor it became clear that while Rerun’s heart was beating, the dog we knew and loved wasn’t there anymore.

We got to say goodbye and Rerun went to the bridge around 5:20am.

We miss him terribly.  Thumbelina misses him.  Even the cats aren’t sure what’s going on and have gotten a bit clingy today.  Angell Animal Medical Center is a part of the MSPCA here in Massachusetts.  I adopted Bucky from the MSPCA and Angell has treated every animal in our home at one point or another, usually for major health issues.  Bucky and Smoky both were blood donors there (yes, animals can be blood donors as well!) and all of the care we’ve received there has been absolutely top notch.

To make a donation in Rerun’s memory, click here.

The famous photo that made it to the Pets section at
The famous photo that made it to the Pets section at

Goodnight, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


9 thoughts on “Rerun S. Hopkins-Michael June 2003 – January 15, 2015”

    1. Thanks, Amanda. It was sudden and we’re still grieving. It’s weird not having him around, but we’re adjusting. That last photo is one of Geoff’s favorites as well. We’re giving Thumbelina lots of extra attention as she adjusts to being an only dog.

    1. Thanks, Q. Our hearts are still breaking too. And Thumbelina seems to be a bit more nervous and a lot more clingy lately. I honestly can’t tell if I am projecting onto her or if it is actually happening, but it sure seems like it is happening.

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