Do you like waffles?

I bet you do.  Everybody likes waffles.  Especially when they look like this.

This is Waffles the cat.
This is Waffles the cat.

Waffles is a 3 year old neutered male.  He likes bow ties, kitty TV, and tuna.  He’s lived with the same human since he was 8 weeks old and he’s healthy, playful, but unhappy in his current living situation.  Waffles and his family currently live in a small studio apartment.  While that is totally OK with his older and very laid back kitty sister, that is not OK with Waffles.  He wants room to run around and play.  Worse, Dad is moving to another studio apartment.  While cats are allowed in both places, Dad knows that Waffles is clearly unhappy living in a small space and would like to find him a place where he can run around, stretch his legs, and enjoy himself.


Early in his life Waffles was an indoor/outdoor cat.  Potential adopters should be aware that Waffles might try to make for the door when you come home.  Waffles is very affectionate and loves to play.  He would also very much like a home with a screened in porch or patio where he can, safely, menace the local wildlife.  Waffles is current on all his shots and vaccinations and is available for adoption now.

Sleepy Waffles still looks dapper in his bow tie.
Sleepy Waffles still looks dapper in his bow tie.

Leave a comment here or email me for more information about adopting Waffles.


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