Back to your regularly scheduled postings of weird stuff

And leave it to to bring the, here’s that word again, disturbing stuff.

This popped up in an email from last week but with everything that was going on it didn’t make it into a post.  Lucky you, I tracked down the links and grabbed the jpgs.  For the betterment of humanity, or something.

I don’t know what warped mind these came from, but these are NOT cute, sexy, or kittens.  Really.

Beefcat, it’s what’s for dinner… I mean “Sexy Kitty Prints, Of Course”

Uh, I got nothing on this one.
Oh, look, it’s a calendar. Wait, what??? My eyes!!!!!
If Marky Mark were a cat underpants model????
No. Just, no.
Is that Justin Timberlake? Oh, wait, then it should be a box. Nevermind.
Now I know why they call it the cone of shame. I’m ashamed I looked at it.

So glad I don’t let the cats on the computer…



ETA: Geoff here, and OH DEAR LORD WHAT THE….

I… just… don’t have words.  The English language fails me.  So perhaps a Venn diagram would better describe what I think of these.


Yeah.  Pretty much.
Yeah. Pretty much.

2 thoughts on “Back to your regularly scheduled postings of weird stuff”

  1. And then the song would be “Dick in a Ball.”

    Or “Dick ‘n’ a Ball,” for the monotesticular among us. Y’all. Whatever.

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