Now I’ve seen everything

Ok, not everything, but a lot.

These are some photos I captured lately.  Some of them are just weird, others are kind of cool.  This post was inspired by the following photo which I took this morning on the way to work.

Hotdogs on the bench at the bus stop.
This was the sight that greeted me when I got to the bus stop this morning at 8:10. A package of hotdogs sitting on the bench in the rain.

I have to imagine that they weren’t there for too long or else a wild animal or large dog would have gone after them.  Needless to say I didn’t move them or sit on the bench.  Weird.

Leather what?
It may be hard to tell from the photo but these are Leather Maternity Pants. LEATHER MATERNITY PANTS.

Teri, who is graciously holding up this, erm, gem was the one who identified what these are.  We were shopping at The Garment District and looking for, among other things, a wedding dress for her.  As we were browsing the racks of random vintage clothes I pulled these out and basically went, “What???”  She pointed out that the elastic panel at the top meant that they were maternity pants.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I cannot fathom wearing leather pants while pregnant.  Can you imagine hormonal insanity, bloating, and body temperature issues while wearing leather pants?  Granted, I can’t imagine wearing leather pants under normal circumstances, but while pregnant?  No thanks.

Hoover fish
I can explain this.

A week or so ago I was at work and had some time when there were no people hanging around the area where I was working.  So I wandered over to the fish tank and there was my favorite fish, the HUGE Hoover Fish.  Geoff knows what their real name is, I never bothered to remember it [It’s a plecostomus – Geoff].  But I had one growing up when we had goldfish and, naturally, named it Hoover.  Apparently this guy was about an inch long when they got him and he’s now an easy 10 inches long.  He was hanging onto the glass and you could see his little mouth moving as he worked on whatever organisms were living there.

And finally…

What's on the menu?
Fried what?

Ok, I have to admit that the “Rabbit Sliders” caught my attention first (being a vegetarian, I thought immediately of Rabbits on a Slip-n-Slide).  However then I saw that “shrimp” had an extra “s” and the last item… was what?  If you can tell me what “Fried Manchego” is I’ll give you a cookie.


10 thoughts on “Now I’ve seen everything”

  1. Yeah so fried Manchego cheese (it’s from Espana) sounds seriously good but rabbit sliders I’m not so sure about although maybe…and if there’s an extra “s” on the shrimp one wonders if it is kosher to eat…Bizarre.

    1. See, I knew you’d know what it was. 🙂 When in doubt, ask Amanda. Especially if the topic is food, wine, or politics. Oh, and aren’t sliders little burgers? Does that mean little rabbit burgers? Ew.

  2. Hey, I LIKE the pants.

    (And the cheese. Manchego…mmm…)

    Also: even processed pork products gotta catch public transport sometimes, yo.

    1. Hot dogs riding the bus, I get. Yummy Spanish cheese, I get.

      Scary leather maternity pants, I don’t get. But I suppose they are better than some of the alternatives. And honestly, they should have a matching leather jacket that says “Moms of Anarchy” or something.


      1. Scary leather maternity pants are better than, say, scary leather maternity gauchos. Or culottes. Or chaps.

        Bet the matching leather jacket got snapped up before the GD ever saw the outfit.

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