Things I do not understand

There are lots of things in this world I do not understand.  Septum piercings, Mitt Romney, people who drive Hummers in cities, and fanfic are a few.  Today Etsy introduced me to a new one.  So did

First, we have Etsy.  This little find is from a shop called ghosteyes.  They’re based in Australia.  I’ll let the picture do the rest of the talking.

iphone case
For those times when your jeans aren’t tight enough.

I don’t know if this is supposed to make your iPhone double as a self defense tool or if it is supposed to make Siri sound tougher.  I have no idea.  Either way, I can’t imagine that carrying this around in your pocket, purse, or briefcase is in any way a good idea.

And now we have this item from  I’m not even going to try to discuss this, I’m just going to put in the picture and let you decide.

execution light
As Geoff quipped, “The only person I can see having this in their home is Abby (from NCIS).”

Someone thought that pulling this out of some defunct prison somewhere and making it into a light for your home was a good idea.  And at only $1,079 it’s a bargain!  I don’t even…

I’m off to more normal corners of the internet.  This is just too weird.


5 thoughts on “Things I do not understand”

  1. …*resists*



    *head asplodes*

  2. WANT that phone case! I’d have all the studs rubbed to nubs….but i could use it to rub my head to get rid of this dang headache!

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