I got this from Etsy in their daily newsletter yesterday.  In small scale it was just confusing and mildly nauseating.  When I clicked through to the site it was more confusing and made me want to smack someone.

Dessert for horses or cows?
If this qualifies as art then I can shoot some photos of the “art” growing in our fridge. Etsy, here I come!

The email that this arrived in was titled “You Got Served” and was all about Tennis.  Except that part way down in the email was a section titled “Clay vs. Grass” and this photo was in it.

It turns out that this is actually a photo.  That is, a photo for sale, if that isn’t evident from the watermark that the Etsy seller, Bunderful, has placed on the photo.  I’m not certain what prompted the seller to create a cake of faux grass and white frosting, photograph it, and then sell it… it’s certainly not something I’d put on my wall.  Maybe on my fridge as a dietary aid…


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