One of the best, and worst, things I have ever seen on Etsy

I got my daily Etsy email and as I was scrolling through there was a section of soap gifts listed.  I’ve noticed over the years that there are some pretty creative soap makers on Etsy.  The rest sell bars of stuff that probably make you smell like a Victorian whore, but some of the more creative ones are pretty funny.

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Geoff’s cat is a pervert

And other fun family secrets…

One of the joys of combining households is seeing how the animals react to each other.  We combined households back in December of 2008 when Geoff got a job up here in Boston and was finally able to move here.  Geoff had been adopted by Scratch shortly before that and we were able to get Scratch neutered right before the trip up here.

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Smoky is eating, a lot.

Normally this would not be cause for celebration.  In fact, we usually try to keep him from eating too much since he’s the largest animal in the house.  But since Monday’s Thyroid Storm and all of the ensuing insanity, he’s actually smaller than Bucky now.  I was actually amazed at how light he was when I picked him up last night to get his pills into him and give him his shot.

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Wedding stuff. Not ours for once!

There is a lot of wedding stuff going on in my life at the moment. We’re under the 90 day mark and it just occurred to me today that I actually have to investigate getting our marriage license. Also, I have a ton of work to do on the sheet music for the choir. Yay?

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She’s got snowflakes in her eyes…

The “she” referenced above?  That would be me.  About a week and a half ago, maybe two weeks, I noticed that I was getting these odd floaters in the vision in my left eye.  Every so often a random black shape would pass through the vision, usually in the center, of my left eye.  I thought it odd, but usually I’d shake my head and it would pass.

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Poor, pathetic puppy.

A week and a half ago, specifically Sunday June 19th, we noticed that there was something wrong with Rerun.  For those of you who know Rerun that’s a pretty general statement.  He’s a weird little dog.  Specifically, this time he had a foot problem.  He’d apparently managed to impale a toe or get bitten or something.  Either way, it wasn’t pretty.  His second toe on his front left foot was approximately three times the size it should have been and he had licked/nibbled on it to the point that hair was missing.

Knowing Rerun’s temper, we muzzled him, wrapped him in a blanket, and functionally hog tied him to keep from hurting himself.  He thrashed, growled, probably swore, and tried, despite the muzzle, to eat whatever human body part got closest to him.  Despite all of this we managed to bathe his paw in hydrogen peroxide, clean it, and drain the infection out of it.  Because it looked like, at minimum, an allergic infection, we gave him a weight appropriate dose of Benadryl and decided to call the vet first thing in the morning.

We called when they opened and they had an opening at 11:15am.  By the time we got there is was clear that he was feeling a little better, but his toe was still quite swollen.  The vet, one of the newer members of the practice took a look, inspected all of his feet, and upon finding out from us that he was a self nail trimming dog, opined that it was most likely that he’d split his nail to the quick while chewing on it and that’s how the infection had gotten in.  When she showed me that there was, um, infected fluid, coming out from under his nail, it made total sense.

We came home with a scrip for pain meds, 3 weeks of antibiotics, and the Cone of Shame.  That’s right, Rerun got an e-collar.  This immediately turned him into a Zombie Dog.  He came in the door and refused to move.  He just lay down wherever was most inconvenient and remained there like a rock.  A rock with Sad Puppy Eyes.

Naturally this required pictures.  For posterity, of course.

The Cone of Shame
"Daddy, please take this off. Please???"


"I keeeel you."
"Take another picture and I eat your face."

If you look closely in the photos you can see the swollen toe on his front left foot.  It looks MUCH better now and he’s clearly feeling better, though he still HATES the e-collar.  If I can get any more photos without inducing him to kill me in my sleep, I will.


So, ecards.

Some of you may have heard that today is my Birthday.  I have received some nice phone calls and a couple of nice emails and ecards.

Leave it to my brother to send me this.  My brother is the best.

Kinda makes me wonder what else the day will bring?


Ok, this is just nasty.

Geoff and I have been on the hunt for the perfect purple beverage for our wedding cocktail.  We’ve come up with some good ideas so far but every time we see an interesting article online we tend to check it to see if there’s a good purple drink.  Simple purple alcoholic drinks that don’t involve muddled out of season fruit seem to be elusive.

Anyway, I noticed this little article on and perused it thinking there might be something useful in it.  What I found was this… monstrosity.  I know I’m a vegetarian and thus more likely to think this is nasty, but Geoff agreed with me on this one.

The Abbatoir


Now complete with meat juice!
The Abbatoir Cocktail... coming to a slaughterhouse near you!


$9, The GallowsIn the mix:
¾ ounce savory mixture (veal stock, caramelized onions, and olive brine pureed and double strained)
¾ ounce Quinta do Infantado tawny port
¾ ounce Batavia Arrack
¾ ounce Lillet Blanc
Shake and strain. Garnish with lemon peel and cracked pepper.

Bar manager April Wachtel says that the veal stock is a “shocker” to many customers. “No one has a clue what it will taste like . . . the mouth feel is very lovely. You might think it will be gelatinous, but it’s not.”

Bottom line: The veal stock, onions, and olive puree makes for a sturdy, rich backbone in this savory sipper. Never mind the drink’s not-so-appetizing name, another word for slaughterhouse.

VEAL STOCK?  Oh, nasty.  NASTY.  Rest assured we won’t be serving any of this, or anything even remotely like it, in our home or at our wedding.  Just… no.


Laughing so hard I’m crying…

I was poking around on the web during my lunch break and I came upon this quote, “A good starting point when discussing bad wine is White Zinfandel, or as it is known in certain circles of connoisseurs, ‘the Pink Scourge’.” -John Weidman.

I’m still laughing.  I looked around to see where the quote came from and I came up with this website. Enjoy.