Smoky is eating, a lot.

Normally this would not be cause for celebration.  In fact, we usually try to keep him from eating too much since he’s the largest animal in the house.  But since Monday’s Thyroid Storm and all of the ensuing insanity, he’s actually smaller than Bucky now.  I was actually amazed at how light he was when I picked him up last night to get his pills into him and give him his shot.

He must have decided at some point last night that he wanted to finish the rest of the food in his bowl because in the process, usually vigorous licking and nosing on his part, he knocked it on the floor and Thumbelina, never one to miss the sound of a cat bowl hitting the floor, even in a dead sleep, rocketed up stairs and finished licking it out for him.

This now means that Thumbelina probably got a slight overdose on Potassium as I’d made a Potassium Curry* for Smoky yesterday, but that’s OK.  She’s showing no ill effects and will more than likely just pee out the extra.  We’re keeping an eye on her, but so far she’s fine.

Smoky actually woke us up this morning demanding his breakfast, a first since he got home from Angell, AND, this is HUGE, he took his pill pocket and ate it without a fight.  I almost cried, I was so relieved.  His neck is completely better, and he chowed down on his breakfast like a starving thing.  He’s also more alert and coming to see us for affection when we’re downstairs.

I said it before, I’ll say it again, PHEW.

We’ll keep you all updated.  Thank you all for your continued good wishes, concern, and prayers.


*Potassium Curry, probably not something you want to try at home.  At least, not for people.

In a mortar and pestle combine:
2 Chicken bullion cubes
2 giant prescription Potassium tablets
1 cod liver oil gel
A little water

Smash everything up and make sure it is thoroughly mixed.  Add enough water so that it is slightly soupy.  Pour into the cat’s bowl, smear a little on his nose and hope like hell he drinks/eats it.  If it looks utterly revolting you’re doing it right.

3 thoughts on “Smoky is eating, a lot.”

  1. interesting that the potassium curry…contains no curry. perhaps that would improve it? lol

    glad to hear the kitty is doing much better! hoping you get good news on the job front soon!

    1. You know, I was wondering what I was doing wrong…

      Actually, I was curious if anyone would mention that. I needed a clever title for it and that was the best I had, lol. Smoky came up a little while ago for some noms and we’re on our way down to give him his nightly pills and his last shot. Yay! No more stabbing the kitty.

      Thanks for checking in,

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