She’s got snowflakes in her eyes…

The “she” referenced above?  That would be me.  About a week and a half ago, maybe two weeks, I noticed that I was getting these odd floaters in the vision in my left eye.  Every so often a random black shape would pass through the vision, usually in the center, of my left eye.  I thought it odd, but usually I’d shake my head and it would pass.

Then yesterday, the hottest and most humid day of the year so far, it was like it was raining little black squiggly things.  Little wormy things were flitting back and forth through my vision whenever I walked anywhere.  It was massively annoying.  So, I called my doctor’s office and asked about making an appointment.  One of the receptionists, a darling man named Tony, upon hearing me describe what was bothering me told me to call the ophthalmologist that is affiliated with their practice and make an appointment post haste.

Said ophthalmologist’s practice had closed about 10 minutes before my call so I got up at the crack today, got ready, and called them when they opened at 8.  They found time for me at 11:00 and, after shuffling the rest of our schedule, off we went.

After a very interesting exam with a retina tech and then with the doctor, it turns out that I have a benign but annoying condition that he referred to as “snowflakes in the vitreous.”  Basically, I have floaters in my left eye that are because some of the vitreous in my eye has solidified and is occasionally getting in the way of my vision.

While I am very happy that the outcome of my odd little vision problem is entirely benign, it is kind of weird to think about.  Also, it was MORE than a little trippy to go from the eye doctor to our bank in Central Square while my pupils were still dilated.  Central Square is weird enough on a regular day, it’s even weirder when you’re seeing everything in very vivid color and there is a whitish haze over everything because your eyes, despite the giant movie star shades, are letting in so much light.

After a nap my eyes are back to normal.  Interestingly, I really like snowflakes.  I just never expected to have them in my eyes…


2 thoughts on “She’s got snowflakes in her eyes…”

    1. Thank you! And, seriously, it was really strange to walk by these brightly colored flowers on a side street and have it feel like they were popping out of the ground at me and then turn the corner and see the crazy people. They were like 100x crazier when they had a white glow around them… Very odd.

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