Um, no. Just no.

As we have already established, I get regular emails from Etsy.  One of them is a weekly email about Wedding stuff.  Some of the stuff in the email is just lovely.  Some of it is a little rustic for my tastes.  Some of it is downright bizarre.  I think this falls into the bizarre category.

Hair "fascinator"

These things, often made out of ribbon, feathers, buttons, lace, fake flowers, or other materials, are called “Hair Fascinators”.  Veils, while I’m not wearing one, I get.  Tiaras, I *completely* understand.  (Queen for a day, woohoo!)  But stuff like the above?  I’m lost.  It’s clearly beautifully made and photographed but I think that it might actually be larger than the model’s head.

Can someone explain this to me?


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