Moar snow pictures!!!

So, as some of you may have heard, and others experienced firsthand, we have a lot of snow this winter.  Like, a ludicrous amount.

Naturally, this requires that we take pictures.

As you may have noticed in our last round of snow photos, our dogs are rather big wimps when it comes to snow.  Or rain.  Or mist.  Pretty much anything that falls from the sky makes them upset.  Our youngest, and perhaps craziest animal, Scratch, however, has no such compunction.  Scratch, originally a barn cat/foundling from Alabama, will literally wade through chest deep snow, burrow into snow banks, and wallow around in it until he gets cold.  The fact that he’s wet doesn’t even seem to register.

And so I present to you, Scratch in the snow, both in front and in back of our home.  There is chest deep-ish snow in in the back yard where we haven’t shoveled all winter and where I had to shove the door to even get it open wide enough to get out the door with him.  You may notice the distinct lack of doggie footprints.  Remember I said they were wimps?  Yeah, that.  Anyway, here’s Scratch in the backyard.

Snow! Yay!!!
Snow! Yay!!!
Chest deep snow!
Hmmm, the recycling bin is under here somewhere. I think.
Found the recycle bin, time to leap.
Found the recycle bin, time to leap.
Time to go back inside.
Time to go back inside.

And here are the photos from the front of the house.

Giant front snow pile.
Yes, that's right folks. The snow in the front is up to the front window.
The front yard.
There's shrubbery under there... somewhere...
Kitteh!  In the snow!
Scratch inspects the front walk.
Shivering wimpy dog.
Rerun looking for the ideal snow-free place to pee.

We’ll be posting some photos to  If they get added to the storm album we’ll link it up here.


4 thoughts on “Moar snow pictures!!!”

  1. We knew he was a badass kitty but who knew he was this badass?

    Reminds me of this video, assume you’ve seen? Along with 5 million other people apparently…

  2. I think Scratch and our Emmett (aka Junior Sized Orange Ball of Evil) must be related. Snow? Rain? Who cares? He still tries to escape at any opportunity. Little beast is still convinced that one day he will open that front door.

    1. Scratch is the same way! We’ve gotten to the point where we just let him out in the front hallway because if we don’t he will not stop harassing us. Of course, it’s a hallway, not the outside, so he runs around and then comes back wanting to be let back in.

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