How to tell when you have an addict in the home

Addicts are often good at hiding their disease.  Some can go years before the extent of their addiction is revealed.  Sometimes the addiction ruins their relationships, their job, their finances, etc.

In our case, things are a little different.

This is Bucky, and he’s addicted to The Furminator.

Our FURminator addict waits patiently for his turn.

Bucky, also known as Buckminster Charles the III, is the eldest of our pack of furry kids.  He rules the house with a mixture of patience, nose baps, and the unabashed understanding that he is simply master of all he surveys by virtue of being a cat.  We are simply his staff and, while he loves us and we can occasionally itch that scratch he can’t reach, we primarily exist to feed him and shower him with praise.

Then we brought home the Furminator and everything changed.  We’d been looking for a way to more properly groom Smoky. Smoky is allergic to, well, just about everything, and is also prone to overgrooming himself and, um,  hairballs.  So, we thought that a good grooming tool might be just the thing to help minimize the hairballs and the overgrooming.

Smoky, our allergic Tux kitty and original recipient of the FURminator.

Smoky likes the Furminator just fine.  Bucky?  Well, that’s a whole different story.  He’s an addict.

He quite literally comes to us each and every day and demands to be groomed.  This, in and of itself isn’t a bad thing.  Bucky is, we think, part Abyssinian.  He’s got a double coat that’s very thick and while he’s perfectly capable of grooming himself, in his old age, he’s discovered that it isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

Once he discovered the Furminator, all bets were off.  He will keep us from our job searching at the computer.  He will bat at us, sit on our keyboards and hands, even swat at our faces until we find the Furminator (it is never far from reach) and groom him until he is happy with the results.  He does this every day at least once a day.  There is no escaping it.  If he had thumbs he would do it himself, I think.  But alas, this one evolutionary development keeps him from truly taking his destiny in hand and ruling the house.

All this being said, he does look like a glossy and fabulous new kitty.  We absolutely recommend the Furminator.  Just be prepared.  There may be a 12 step program in your cat’s future…


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