Black Cat Appreciation Month

No, not Black Cat Awareness Month, Black Cat Appreciation Month.  Just ask Geoff how much he likes the phrase “raising awareness“.  Go ahead ask him, I’ll wait.

I’ve long heard stories circulating about how shelters won’t adopt out black cats during October for fear that they’ll be killed in ritual sacrifices during the Halloween season.  You know, how we all become satanists around Halloween and kill small furry things?  Yeah, that.  Ahem.

In the last few years some animal shelters have been bucking that trend and actively encouraging the adoption of black cats during the month of October.  They use the marketing of Halloween to their advantage and try to find black cats good forever homes.  Personally, I think this is brilliant as black cats are the hardest cats to place and spend the most time in shelters, on average, of any color of cat out there.

As most of you know, we have our own black cat.  Buckminster Charles Hopkins-Michael III, alternately known as: Bambino, Halloween Kitty, Lucky Bucky the Miracle Kitty, Bucky, Sir, and My Familiar.  He is one of the great blessings of my life.  He’s incredibly healthy, happy, and a wonderful gentle soul.  I could not ask for a better cat.  (Are you listening, Scratch?)  Therefore, Bucky and I bring you, courtesy of the good people at Pets Unlimited, the top 13 reasons to adopt a black cat.

adopt a black cat, it's good for you
Way better than any list Letterman’s ever come up with.

If you need a better reason, just look at this face.

Why isn't anybody petting me?  Hello...
Bucky waiting for his Furminator.

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Month, everyone.  Please hug a furry critter near you in celebration.  Yes, especially hairy spouses do count.


One thought on “Black Cat Appreciation Month”

  1. Yeah, about that “awareness” thing. I can understand making people aware of an issue that might otherwise go unnoticed, but when “raising awareness” becomes an excuse to talk about something without actually doing anything about it, and yet still remain smug and sanctimonious, that is where I draw the line. And hipsters doing it is almost enough to send me around the bend.


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