Brain Scans: Day 4

I suppose this is technically more like an extension of Day 3.  My neuro came and visited me yesterday afternoon and basically said that my brain hasn’t been misbehaving in the expected ways.  So, last night was sleep deprivation night.  I woke up at 9:00am yesterday, napped off and on till noon, and then was up till, well, now.  The goal is to provoke my brain to misbehave so we can catch it on film and then know what is really going on.  I’ve had people wishing me “happy seizing” all night long.

I had no trouble staying awake and it’s only now, when my asthma has started acting up, that I’m starting to feel tired.  I have breakfast and an asthma treatment to look forward to sometime in the next hour, and then I can probably sleep and hope that my brain short circuits in the appropriate way.  By the way, the thing that triggered my asthma?  The perfume of the lady that took my vital signs at 5:00something AM.

It’s raining and gross outside.  Hopefully it’s a really good day for a nap and a seizure as well.


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