Recent event roundup

I’ve had some interesting things happen lately and I’ve meant to blog them but I haven’t.  So I thought I’d just write everything up in one fell swoop.  Lucky you, readers.

1) I have been a shopping NINJA.  I’ve been questing for some summer suit jackets or suits to wear to interviews.  Up to this point all of my jackets or suits except for one and possibly two were decidedly winter affairs and some were actually velvet and 100% wool.  So, for interviewing in the summer I needed something less heavy.  Last week I hit Filene’s Basement and got a Marina Rinaldi white cotton sateen blazer, a cranberry linen Marina Rinaldi shell/tank, a sapphire blue Calvin Klein satin cocktail dress, black-brown SPANX tights/pantyhose, and 7 hand painted greeting cards with various letters of the alphabet on them that are so beautiful they could be framed.  Every single item I bought was marked down either 50% or 75%.  For all that stuff I paid $88.88.  Filene’s puts a little line on your receipt telling you how much you saved which always sort of amuses me.  Basically, they list as a total how much all of your discounts and their markdowns saved you from the original price.  My line, which nearly made me fall out of my seat on the T, said I’d saved over $1,200.00.  Seriously, I have a black belt in shopping, people.

2) Last week I was running some errands in Central Square when I noticed that a great thrift shop from JP had opened a new store in Cambridge.  Boomerang’s is an excellent shop and because I’m almost never in JP anymore, I hardly ever get there.  Also, all proceeds go to AIDS research.  I had to go to Radio Shack to look for a watch battery, but as soon as I was done I went into the new Central Square Boomerang’s.  I totally scored.  I discovered a cache of American Brilliant Period cut glass and a Towle Sterling Silver tray.  I got 4 highball glasses, a port glass, a toothpick basket, and a gorgeous candy bowl.  The tray is solid sterling silver and is about 10 inches in diameter.  The tray and the bowl were $4 each and everything else was $2 each.  Including tax I spent $20 and change.

3) All of this Rockstar Shopping led up to last Thursday’s interview.  I interviewed with a music related company.  The woman I met with would be my boss.  She was great.  The salary would be good, the commute would be fine, there is an on-site gym, and this company is big on work/life balance.  The only snag, which they didn’t mention in the ad, is that the job requires someone who can drive.  As I can’t do that, not now, not ever, she’s going to check and see if that is something that can be worked around.  The fact that she’s willing to actually do that is a good thing, I think.  Hopefully I’ll hear something this coming week.

4) Our friends from church choir, Tessa and Brian, got engaged this weekend.  Yay!

I have more great jobs to apply to, so I’m back to application land tomorrow.  I hope you all are well and have a restful and quiet Memorial Day tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Recent event roundup”

  1. Oh yay another consignmenty/vintagy shop to check out. Am very bummed that Dame in JP is closing, so will look forward to checking out Boomerang. Have never gone in the JP branch, but obviously I should have lol.

    1. I never made it to Dame, but Boomerang’s has some great stuff. They usually have a booth at the SoWa market, but their best stuff is in their stores. I got some *great* stuff for Geoff there on Tuesday of this week. I’d totally suggest you check it out.

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