Necklace or Weapon?

You decide.

This landed in my inbox today via my daily Etsy email.  I have NO idea what the, um, artist? was thinking.  Porcupine quills are dangerous even after they have been shed.  Why on earth anyone would want to wear this around their neck is beyond me.  Also, any guesses as to whether or not the TSA would let you get it on a plane?

Urban Pioneer Porcupine Quill Necklace
I don't even...

From the Etsy page: A fringe of natural African porcupine quills radiates from a half circle of Australian peanutwood stone rondelles for this urban-gypsy, warrior-princess-with-a-little-bit-of-glam thrown in, statement necklace.

Each naturally-shed quill is approximately 4″ long. Their tips have been carefully filed down and are no longer sharp, but some care should still be taken when wearing this piece (i.e., remove prior to all amorous activity).

What?  “Amorous activity?”  Yep, this is why Regretsy exists.


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