Amanda is traveling, lucky us

My friend and bridesmaid, Amanda, is currently in the South of France.  She’s blogging her adventures here.  She’s an excellent writer, photographer, and she’s a total foodie.  If you are at all interested in hearing about excellent meals, how to make them, and seeing photos of old churches and the hills and valleys of Provence (and who isn’t, really?) I highly suggest you bookmark the blog and check it every so often.  She’ll be there for about 3 weeks.


2 thoughts on “Amanda is traveling, lucky us”

  1. A very belated thank you for the blog advertisement 🙂

    Enjoying my last evening in Brittany, it is a little chilly and rainy (very Maine in summer) but it is really beautiful here and the food is excellent. Flying tomorrow — sad to leave lovely France but kinds of also looking forward to being home — it’s that strange end of vacation feeling that always happens.


    1. You are absolutely welcome. Man, I so wish it was chilly and rainy here. Be prepared for some serious heat when you get off that plane. Give us a call once you’re back and recovered from the jet lag. We’d love to hear all about the trip details.

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