Would you like some lockjaw with your jewelry?

I’m really, really trying not to turn this blog into a Regretsy clone.  But some of this stuff is just SO bad that I have to share it with all of you.

Lucky you.

These darlings showed up in an email titled: Etsy Finds: In the Mood‏.  I have no idea what mood they’re talking about, but my first thought when I saw these was tetanus.

lockjaw earrings
Tetanus anyone? Lockjaw? Is there really a difference?

That’s right, folks, those are rusty barn nails with sterling silver ear posts.  They could have been yours for the wee sum of $42.00, but someone actually bought them today.  So, sorry, you missed out.  On lockjaw.

If you really want something like them I’m sure I can make some rusty fish hooks into earrings or a necklace for you.  Just let me know.


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