I saw something in the sky tonight

And no, conspiracy theorists, it was not a UFO or anything else crazy.  But it was still very, very cool.  Breathtaking even.

Tonight I saw what was hands down the most spectacular meteor I have ever seen.  It was so large, and so bright, that I could see it through the cloud cover.  I literally gasped and shouted when I saw it.  I was walking back to our house in Cambridge after dropping off some mail at a mailbox on Broadway and then dropping off some DVDs at the library.  As I walked back I saw it streak across the sky from the northwest to the northeast.  It was bigger than any meteor I have ever seen before and it lasted longer than any other meteor I have ever seen.  I looked over at this other guy walking across the big lawn in front of the library and said “Did you see that?”  He said “Yeah, I saw something out of the corner of my eye – what was it?”  I told him what I had seen and he said “Man, now I wish I had turned to look when I saw it.”


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