So it’s not just here in Greater Boston

I saw this article this morning while I was doing my usual morning news read.  Now, I have had my own issues with UPS in recent months, most notably a couple of months ago when I was forced to go out to the UPS facility in Watertown to get a package that should have been delivered to our house.  Supposedly they had attempted to deliver a package to our house twice but failed and so left us the little official notice post-it on the front door.  On neither occasion did the driver ring the doorbell.  Both times we were home.  The second day I specifically made sure that I was home so I could get the package.  At one point the dogs started barking and so I ran to the front door as fast as I could, getting there in less than 20 seconds, only to watch the truck drive off yet again.  I was flabbergasted and furious.  Going out to the distribution center and having to stand in line for an hour outside in the rain to get my package because the delivery guy could not expend any real effort trying to get me my package was not my idea of how I wanted to spend a Friday evening.

So it isn’t just me.  It isn’t just here.  If this is becoming the norm for UPS all over the country, then perhaps they need to examine their business model and figure out what the hell is wrong.   And I imagine that laying more people off is not the answer.


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