It’s the end of the world as we know it?

Perhaps Geoff’s obsession with Zombie Apocalypses and similar things is finally rubbing off on me.  Or maybe it’s that the world is going to end a year from now.

Or something.  Ahem.

But this popped up in my inbox today and it was so warped and funny that I had to share it.  Note that there is one image in this link that, when examined carefully, is not for the easily offended or, well,  for our parents.

To put some context on this, here’s some of the language from the site:  “There’s nothing I’d rather have on my bunker wall than this calendar. From recipes for post-apocalyptic delicacies, to the birthday of Mark-Paul Gosselaar, this calendar has everything you need to outlast even the longest of nuclear winters.” – Thomas Quinn, Creator, The Apocalypse Calendar

The link up top will expire in 2 1/2 days and change but the link to the author’s name shouldn’t.

Um, enjoy?  I hope you laugh as much as Geoff and I did.  Just don’t rely on UPS to deliver it.


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