There’s a fine line between clever and stupid

This line apparently exists somewhere between the MBTA and the TSA.  And it is made of frosting.

Clever?  Clever is the MBTA employee who, in the spirit of the season, programmed the automated LED signs in the Park Street station to sing a Christmas carol.  Sort of.

Despite the fact that this totally made the day of countless passengers who otherwise would have been grumbling about their train being late, the MBTA is probably going to punish the employee who did it.  But hopefully they will relent and let him or her off because, let’s face it, it was funny.

On the other hand, the TSA will probably promote the genius who decided that a cupcake was too dangerous to be allowed to fly because its frosting looked like it might be a little gel-like or something.  No, really.  Terrorist cupcakes, everyone.  If we still used color codes it would be a deep purple or something.  Whew – thank God the TSA is keeping us all safe.  I can rest easy tonight, knowing that all those Little Debbies who are going on Jihad for the New Year are going to be stopped before they even get on the plane.

I am sure Bruce Schneier is pounding his head on his computer screen somewhere.


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