I really thought this was a joke

I originally saw this a few days ago in an email from Fab.com.  It’s one of those daily sale sites that sends you an email every day, only their sales last a few days and they sell everything from antiques to small handicraft type stuff.  Then then there’s this stuff.  Foofy home decorating stuff for really… particular audiences.

Some of their stuff is absolutely tongue in cheek and totally LOL worthy as evidenced by the calendar I posted about the other day.  I actually thought that what I am about to show you was actually that.  A joke.  A really funny joke.

garden and gun
This is a real magazine. You can order it. It's not a joke.

Apparently I was wrong.  Really, really, wrong.

The website for this magazine gets even weirder.  You can sign up for newsletters, see photos of Ralph Lauren looking models holding shotguns, and read articles about Moonshine.  For real.

I think this is what my former coworkers used to mean when they said that there were “dark corners” of the internet.  This and 4chan.

Also, I can think of about 6 people I need to order this for as a gag gift…


2 thoughts on “I really thought this was a joke”

  1. Doesn’t every gardener need a gun to kill the bunnies in her heirloom garden? It makes perfect sense to me to put the two together. LOL

    1. Yes, and isn’t it nice to have a magazine you can read to help you accessorize with your firearms in a genteel, proper way?

      “Oh, honey, EVERYONE knows that you don’t carry anything in blued gunmetal after Labor Day.”

      Probably lots of other great tips too. Imagine a Martha Stewart wannabe with a thick Georgia accent giving you tips on how to turn that severed deer head into a beautiful table centerpiece for the holidays in just a few hours!


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