Wedding shopping – not mine!

Last month our dear friends Teri and Patricio got engaged.  I’d actually cornered Patricio at my wedding and asked him when he and Teri were going to get engaged.  I think they’ve been together for approximately 6 centuries now and it was getting harder and harder for me not to refer to them as betrothed.

He humored me and told me then that he actually had a ring of sorts ready and that he had a plan for some point in the future.

I was happy with that, being the demanding bride that I am, and left it at that, figuring that I’d know once it happened.  I was right, a couple of weeks later I saw a stunned Teri at church and she sort of held out her left hand and I said, Well, FINALLY!” because I am subtle like that.

Teri and Patricio were absolute life savers for our wedding.  Also, I like wedding planning.  A lot.  Probably more than I should, actually.  Also, I’m unemployed, I’ve spent a lot of time over the years planning weddings and other events, so I’m a good person to have along when you try on wedding dresses.  Or so I’ve been told.  It might just be that I have long arms and that I’m good at carrying stuff.

Anyway, Teri and I went to Alfred Angelo today while we were in Dedham on other errands and we tried on a LOT of dresses.  I’m not going to post the awesome photos of her in her various white frocks here.  (Not even the ghost bride ones, sorry.)  But I am going to post a couple.  These were taken with the permission of the store staff as were were leaving because, well…

Most bridal salons don’t have lifesize cardboard cutouts of men in them.  Especially not sparklevamp Edward.


When I was shopping at Alfred Angelo with my Bridesmaids for their dresses back in August the big new trends were the Disney line (for real, dresses based on Disney princesses.  If you’ve always wanted to get married as Cinderella, now you can.) and The Kate.  It was, as I’m sure you can imagine, the rip off of the Kate Middleton wedding dress.


Well, the new thing now is that Alfred Angelo has licensed the Bella wedding gown from the Twilight series.  So when you walk into the door of an Alfred Angelo store standing there at the front is sparklevamp Edward, his werewolf buddy (don’t know/care about his name), also in lifesize cardboard cutout, and Bella’s white satin wedding gown.

The funny part was that Teri’s dressing room was situated in such a way that every time she walked out with a new dress on Edward was watching her from the far end of the store.  Our excellent and similarly geeky saleslady agreed with us that Edward standing there was creepy.

And so, these photos were born.  Enjoy.

creepy man, creepy dress
From our mirror to the front of the store
a view from halfway across the store - and behind a mannequin
Teri braves the Twilight end of the store
Bella's dress has a sign on it.  For real.
Teri gets closer still - will any sparkle rub off?
Stinky vampire.
Look at her face, I think sparklevamps smell bad.


2 thoughts on “Wedding shopping – not mine!”

  1. From a distance, in that first picture? It looks bizarrely like he’s holding a hairdryer.

    (Which would explain the coif.)

    Weirdly, Robert Pattinson is actually smart and funny as hell, at least in interviews. Apparently the sparkle’s not even skin deep. Thank God.

    1. Yep, I have no issues with Robert Pattinson, save possibly his choice in characters he plays. I only have issue with Twilight, both the insipid books, the movies they spawned, and the screaming fainting teenagers and others who should know better.

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