Officially faster Intertubes and new e-mail

My new e-mail address is eleventhma AT gmail DOT com, NOT net.  I am smart.  Not.

Yes, the switch is now officially over, and what should have been a relatively quick process was dragged out because, essentially, I am a moron creature of habit.  When discussing my new e-mail address, I used .net instead of .com, and there is obviously an important distinction there.  But aside from my “duh” moment, the process is over and oh my, what a difference.  Just now I had to download a utility program for my powerline adapters and it took no time whatsoever to get it.  Amusingly enough, the Verizon customer service rep I spoke to on the phone when I called to cancel our DSL service asked if I wanted to talk with a tech to try to solve my problem, and that sent me on a five-minute rant about how we had literally tried everything.  I was polite, but quite firm.

Anyway, more later, just needed to get that out there.


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