Meeting on the internet

Most of you know that Geoff and I met on the internet.  Most of you probably don’t know that Geoff had some very particular questions for me before we first met in person.

This was one of them.

Single, taken, or looking for a zombie apocalypse survival partner?
Apparently I checked the correct box.

I jest, I jest.  But this was too good to pass up on when I happened upon it on Google+.


P.S.- But for real?  If there ever is a zombie apocalypse?  We’re so set.

2 thoughts on “Meeting on the internet”

  1. One of my co-workers developed an Emergency Zombie Invasion Plan for our office a couple of years ago.

    When the Legal Services Corporation came to audit us in July 2010, my boss included the EZIP in the materials he sent them in advance.

    They actually read it.

    Zombies are EVERYWHERE, yo.

    1. I absolutely love it that your office has an Emergency Zombie Invasion Plan and that it was submitted in the audit.

      When I am eventually employed again I am going to suggest that we write our own EZIP as it sounds like a necessary office safety precaution.

      Also, I cackled at your comment. Loudly. Just so you know.

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