Family visit

Yesterday we had the pleasure of a visit from my sister Liz and her kids, my nephews Will and Ben and niece Kate.  We took them on a quick tour of Casa Dachshund.  For the first time they had the chance to meet our cats, and it was interesting to see how everyone reacted.   Scratch was his usual self, very friendly and outgoing, and so he greeted everyone.  Bucky was in his favorite spot, in my old office chair near the front bay window.  He did not even get up as far as I know.  But surprisingly Smoky actually came out to greet everyone too.

Smoky really has come far when he no longer hides underneath the beds when people come over, but actually comes out and sniffs them and allows them to pet him.

After they had the chance to see the place and greet all the critters we got dressed for a quick walk in the rain so we could go get some lunch.  Kelly and I took them to Mr. Bartley’s in Harvard Square, and luckily we got there before the line outside got to be too long.  I have not been there in ages (tough to go out to eat much when you are unemployed and broke) and it was nice to be back.   They brought Kate a little hat and some crayons and she went to work right away.

Kate seems to be having a good time, doesn't she?
Will enjoys his caffeine. Just like his Uncle Geoff.
Ben chowed down on some onion rings before the burgers arrived.

They seemed to really like the place.  We all stuffed our faces and then we all piled into their van and went to the Museum of Science.  We were going to try to go see one of the movies, but we did not get there in time to get enough tickets for all six of us.  So we took them on a tour around the museum.  Kate especially liked the Butterfly Garden.

A butterfly like this one later landed on Kelly.
Kate got really excited when she saw the fish. She LOVES fish. I think she will probably love whale-watching when we get a chance to take her and the boys.

Then went to see the Live Animal Center.  They got to see turtles, snakes, lizards, alligators, a woodchuck, flying squirrels, skunks, owls, a red-tailed hawk, and a kestrel.  Plus some other stuff I probably forgot about.

After we left the MOS we split up.  Liz and Kelly took Kate to this place in Inman Square called Stellabella Toys.  I took Will and Ben to the Newbury Comics down at the Garage, on the other side of Harvard Square.  They had never been to one before, but boy did they like it.  We probably could have spent a lot more time in there, but we had to get back to we could drive up to Lowell to meet Aunt Donna for dinner.  So we took two vehicles this time and then headed up to Lowell to pick her up.  We went to Mama’s in Dracut for dinner, and boy do I love that place.  Kelly and I had been there once before but Liz and the kids had not.  They liked it too.

Liz listening to the conversation as the boys look on.
Boy do we look serious. But we really did have fun.

We had the chance to talk a good long time after dinner and it was fun for all of us.  We even talked about having a clam boil this summer and I am already looking forward to it.


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