Of butterflies, and one special chrysalis

As Geoff mentioned, on Saturday we took his sister, Liz, and her 3 kids to the Museum of Science, among other places, for their day visit to Boston.  After our lunch time visit to Harvard Sq. for some excellent burgers, we stopped back off at home before heading to the museum.  Whenever we enter the house, especially with guests, we’re always greeted at the door by our enthusiastic dachshunds and usually at least one cat.

On Saturday we were greeted by a bouncy little Thumbelina, Scratch, and no Rerun.  There was a distinct whining coming from the living room, but as everyone filed in and wandered into the kitchen, I was apparently the only one who 1) noticed his absence and 2) heard the pathetic whimpers coming from the living room.  (Rerun is an expert at The Pathetic Dog Whimper.)

I walked over to see what was up, suspecting what I’d find and, sure enough, this was what greeted me.  Naturally, I had to take a picture before I freed him.  For posterity.

Rerun as burrito
The world's worst burrower reaches his natural destination.

Regular readers will remember that he’s done this before.  We’d called it a Dacshurrito.  Perhaps it’s more of a dachshund chrysalis?  Though if he suddenly sprouts wings and starts flying around the house I’m going to be… upset.

I freed him and he growled at me in thanks and then ran on in to join everyone else and made sure to get some love from Geoff.  Then we headed out to the museum and made sure to move the fleece out of Rerun’s reach so that he couldn’t trap himself again.

Here are some of the photos I snapped with my cell phone when we were in the butterfly garden at the museum.  Kate had a great time despite the heat and humidity in the garden.  I think Liz and I were more susceptible to those.

creepy green moth is creepy
That's actually a moth. There are several species of moths in the garden as well as butterflies. This type of moth has such a short lifespan that it is born without a mouth.

Once I explained to Kate how butterflies eat she wanted to get a picture of one with the proboscis actually extended into a flower.

a butterfly in action
This pretty little butterfly is sipping nectar out of the little red flowers. These little orange and black creatures were all over the place.
little ladybug
I noticed this little ladybug under a leaf near the back of a planter. I snapped this photo for Kate so she could see it since she was too short to see to the back of the planter.

Thankfully, there was not a dachshund chrysalis in sight.


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