Rerun has some issues

My dog has a bit of a problem.  Dachshunds are supposed to be instinctual burrowers.  Rerun on the other hand, well, he seems to have forgotten at least some of what was passed on to him.  Half the time he will whine until I cover him up with the blanket or whatever he wants to get under.  But when I am not there, he just sort of makes do without having someone to do it for him.  And sometimes that goes terribly, terribly awry.

When I arrived home the other day, only one wiener dog came out to greet me – Thumbelina.  I   figured that maybe Rerun was still asleep, and so I didn’t think anything of it until I got one of their favorite treats – their daily breath bone thingie – and Rerun was still nowhere to be seen.  So I went looking for him, and this is what I found.

Rerun Burrito- a tasty treat
Not a Purrito, a Dachsurito.

See this?  This is what happens when a burrowing-challenged dachshund uses your fleece pullover as a half-assed blanket.  Somehow he managed to get into the fleece, and then crawl  up the sleeve until his head poked out the end like he was some sort of canine burrito.  He just  stood there and didn’t make a sound, obviously feeling a bit defeated.  Normally I would imagine that he does not see garments as adversaries, but in this case the garment in  question definitely came out on top.  I managed to get him out of it without harming him (or getting any grumpy growls or bites either) and that seemed to make him a lot happier.


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