Nope, I’m not talking about Geoff’s obsession with dogs named after Peanuts characters.  Though, in this case, the dog in question is, in fact, named after the famous beagle.  This time I’m talking about the pup we’re dog sitting this week.  He’s a cockapoo, properly called parti-colored, and he’s pretty funny.

He’s an older dog that our friend Elizabeth got from a rescue.  Nobody is entirely clear about how old he is, but he’s remarkably perky, he loves to give kisses, walk to the dog park, snuffling around in the back yard, and passing out on the floor when he’s tuckered out from playing with Rerun or the cats.

Naturally, we’ve been taking pictures.

Snoopy on the chair
Snoopy the first time he hopped up on the chair next to the couch.
Snoopy and Thumbelina at the dog park
Snoopy and Thumbelina inspect a stinky spot on the ground.
Snoopy is pooped
Snoopy is sacked out on the floor after a long day of running around and giving kisses.

Incidentally, Snoopy got his name because when the rescue folks got their hands on him he started out by sleeping on top of his crate.  He’s here till Friday.  I’m sure we’ll come up with some more photos before then.


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