Gratuituous Snoopy photos

Snoopy likes to spend lots of time demanding attention and trying to sit on one or the other of us when we’re on the computer.  Not exactly the best material for getting pictures.  But tonight he finally got comfortable with one of the, um, many dog toys we have around here and he got to work on it.  This happens to be a $0.69 special we got on sale sometime after Christmas.  Here are some of the photos of him sitting on the ottoman and enjoying himself.

Snoopy and toy
Snoopy goes to town on the old Christmas toy.
Snoopy with toy2
That toy has seen better days.
Snoopy licks his chops
It's time for Snoopy to make sure the errant stuffy debris is cleared from his nose.

Snoopy goes home tomorrow afternoon.  If we can get any more photos before then we’ll post them.


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