April 1st is here again

So far today we’ve seen some pretty inventive April Fools Jokes from corporate America.  The first to cross my virtual desk was this one from “Warby Barker.”  It’s a very well done prank by Warby Parker, an online glasses retailer with a social awareness bent.

Next was the annual and always well done Think Geek monthly newsletter.  Their April Fools newsletter usually contains outrageous and completely fictitious stuff.  One year it contained the hilarious Tauntaun sleeping bag.  They had so many requests for it that they were actually able to license it from George Lucas and create it.  I may be a cynic but I detect an item or two in this newsletter that are probably being tested for exactly that same sort of response.  Nobody ever accused the folks at Think Geek of not being smart and savvy.

Etsy even got in on the fun in their daily email with this little gem.

Etsy buys Portland
Etsy Acquires City of Portland
Dickerson says the first phase of the Etsy Plan will consist of the construction of dozens of LEED-certified, solar-powered arts-and-crafts studios throughout the city, and will employ tens of thousands of the city's underutilized creative class to design cutting-edge versions of the clothes they're already wearing.

That was just slipped into their email without so much as a wink.  Etsy actually did something intentionally funny and self deprecating.  The folks at Regretsy must be having a ball with this.

Finally, so far at least, is Google’s annual stunt.  Also more subtle this year, they announced a partnership with NASCAR for an autonomous race car.  As in, “look, ma, no hands!” type racing.  The bottom of the page explains that it is, as usual, a gag, but that it is also announcing a partnership with NASCAR.

In the less corporate side of things, koff koff, Mitt Romney’s staff apparently got him with a prank today.  You can check out the details here.

And if you’d like a constantly updating list with some really good ones that I haven’t listed, definitely check this out.  TechCrunch always has good stuff but this is a useful listing of the good, the bad, the ugly, and what not to get taken in by.


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