That play we missed

Regular readers will have noticed that I mentioned that Geoff and I missed a friend’s Very Important Play on Friday night when Smoky took ill.  I emailed him to explain and apologize, but it’s never as good as being there.  I know I hate it when my friends miss my performances, even when they have a really good reason.  Thankfully someone was able to videotape the experience, and in HD no less.

As I have shamefully lost touch with my musical theatre upbringing, I was completely unaware that this was a musical.  As Nathan is majoring in musical theatre, I should have assumed that it was, but for whatever reason, I didn’t.  Nathan has his own YouTube channel and so Geoff and I can not only see what we missed from the show, we can also see some of his other performances from his time at Boston Conservatory.

I’ve embedded one below but I encourage you to check out the YouTube channel.

Nathan is really, really good and someday we’re going to be able to say we knew him when.  (Like when he sang in our wedding.)  I’m tempted to have him sign something now so that when he’s super famous and has a stack of Tony awards I can sell it for a zillion dollars.



3 thoughts on “That play we missed”

    1. Aw. Thanks, Nathan. We figured the least we could do is blog about the play we missed.
      Oh, and I’m serious about that getting your autograph thing. Some day I’ll be able to see it for big bucks and retire. 🙂

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