Mark your calendars- April 12, 2012 8:30pm

Ok, so remember how I said about Nathan that someday I’ll be able to say I knew him when?  I can already say that about my friend Dave.

I first met David Scott back in 1999.  He was fresh from the Midwest, looked wholesome and corn-fed, and was a total hit with the other professionals at our then-church job.  What none of us knew what that he could scat like Cab Calloway, improvise like Ella Fitzgerald in Berlin, and do it all while patting his head and rubbing his tummy.

Over the years I followed Dave’s career even when I wasn’t able to attend his gigs.  I even happened to hear him once or twice being played over the in-store music system when I was in the dear departed Filene’s Basement.  Nothing is weirder than being in the fitting room trying stuff on when you hear your buddy’s voice suddenly floating over the wall from unseen speakers.

His star has steadily risen and he’s made it into the recording studio and gone on tour with his jazz vocal group Syncopation.  I see him when he’s at Ryles Jazz Club which is walking distance from our home.  Naturally, when I got this email today, I had to share it.  If you’re in the area, you should absolutely go.

Dear Friends,
After months of exhilarating work, the new CD is finished!  “Hopeful Romantic” is a jazz/pop mixture of original songs that is unique.  Some early feedback has compared it to Jamie Cullum or Donald Fagan.

There will be a CD release party April 12 at Ryles Jazz Club in Inman Square. Come celebrate with us and buy a copy of the CD.  If you love the music, please support us by buying additional copies for your friends.

Thursday, April 12   Ryles Jazz Club   8:30 p.m.-midnight   $12

212 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA

Get reservations!

This night will be an epic three sets.  Set 1 will be music from “DYAD”, my 2007 recording of duets with the utterly original pianist Mark Shilansky. Set 2 will be music from the new CD, “Hopeful Romantic.”  I’ll be playing piano and keyboards, while Eric Byers (guitar), Phil McGowan (drums) and Greg Loughman (acoustic bass) will be rocking out and singing background vocals.  Set 3 will be all of the above musicians plus a special guest or two in an all-star jazz session.  If you’re there until midnight, you can sing Happy Birthday to me in four-part harmony.  The best birthday present you could give is just coming to the show.

Here’s a sneak preview of the CD!

Also, keep checking my website,  You can hear the album streaming for FREE.  If you like, buy!

I’d love to see every one of you at Ryles on April 12.  It will be a night that we won’t soon forget.

Naturally, I have to work that night.  Therefore I’m hoping that all of my friends who are so inclined will find their way to Ryles or to CD Baby and will check it out.  I’m listening to it right now and it’s excellent.


P.S. If you get them to sign your CD, ask Shilansky to draw you a picture.

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