This post may not make much sense

I’m really tired.  I’m not quite brain dead/crispy fried/toasted/speaking gibberish like I was on Saturday and Sunday nights, but I’m not far off.

Last week was Holy Week.  For those of you who are not clergy/church musicians/married to or related to one of the above or who don’t work in a church, Hell Holy Week is the busiest week of the calendar year for us.  For me things were especially crazy because in the last few years I’ve gotten lazy been lucky to have Geoff to take me to my various singing commitments and I’ve been able to take off National Church Musician Recovery Day, aka Easter Monday, or I’ve been unemployed and by definition not needed to take the day off.

As it so happens, this year I started not one but TWO new jobs on NCMRD.  My new full time job started on Monday as did a part time events job.  On Monday I worked a 12 hour day and walked approximately 6.5 miles.  This is immediately after a week in which I commuted all over the city on the bus*, was learning music constantly, was re-reading my old Access 2003 manual**, and sang a service on Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning***.

So, yeah, I’m tired.  The good news is that the people at my new job are awesome.  I am having fun, though I am cramming my head with a LOT of stuff and am hoping desperately that I can get up to speed and be competent really, really fast.  The other part time gig is only once or twice a month but it is super fun and I get to meet interesting/famous/really smart people.

Now I get to show you pretty pictures and then go to bed.  Or pick out clothes for tomorrow, if I have the brain power.

St. Peter's Easter Flowers
This was the gorgeous Garden of Gethsemane set up at the back of the nave at St. Peter's. The choir lined up here for the big procession in and it was just SO beautiful that I had to snap a quick photo with my phone.

OK, sleep.  I think Geoff is working on some real content for you right now.



*The MBTA has some newer buses in the fleet that tend to be used on the routes I ride.  These have seats that are just a little too small for someone who is more legs than upper body like I am.  By the end of the night on Saturday my knees were really sore.
** I wasn’t reading this for fun.  Promise.  My New Job uses Access and, as it turns out, mostly Access 2003.  As it had been a while since I’d used Access I was boning up.
*** Sunday morning I made my debut as a tenor.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I was subbing in the local Episcopal church where my friend is the Organist/Choirmaster.  Her tenor was unavailable so, since I am a freak with a big range, I offered to fill in.  It was tremendous fun as I also got to sing all the soprano descants.

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