What’s wrong with this picture?

If you get regular Groupon emails you know that they’re always trying to be a little edgy.  Or, at least sometimes, their humor is a bit tongue in cheek.  This time, however, they either missed funny entirely, or someone re-purposed their Mother’s Day email and didn’t check the results of the Find and Replace function completely.  Whoops.

Either way, there’s something off in the following email screen shot I’ve pasted in.  (At least one thing if you ask me.)  See if you can figure out what it is and post your answer in the comments.  Teri, Patricio, and Geoff can’t answer as we’ve already had this conversation.  😛

Father's day shopping
Father’s day shopping from Groupon.

I’m sure there are some dads out there who were surprised to receive this email…


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