Our ridiculous weather

OK, I have held off on commenting about the weather for several days, but now that our little heat wave is over, I feel like I need to comment.

Essentially, this is abnormal, especially for Boston in June.

We broke two records, one for daytime temperature and one for overnight temperature.  And let me tell you about the overnight thing.  You see, Kelly and I are trying to keep the utility bill down by not running the AC.  And I have to tell you, not having the evenings cool things down has really made the apartment muggy and miserable.  The thermometer on the stairs reads about 83 degrees, and the one in the living room reads 88.  Even downstairs, where the bedroom is usually comfortable when upstairs is not, the temperature climbed to almost 80 degrees.  And once again humidity inside the house has become a problem, so much so that I am contemplating running the dehumidifier.  At least the temperature is supposed to get back down to the 60s at night soon.

The garden seems to be surviving, with the exception of the winter savory, which has died, and surprisingly, the coriander (cilantro to most people I guess).  The coriander is still limping along but I don’t know what is wrong with it.  All of the other herbs are thriving.  I am going to have to start clipping some of them soon and then hanging them up to dry.


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