“If you need this…

…you shouldn’t have married him.”  The immortal words of Teri and she’s so right.

Teri is getting married and so, like me when I was engaged, she’s getting a lot of wedding related crap via email.  Today she got this.

circle of trust?
If you’re trying to depend on this to keep him from cheating, you’ve already failed – in your choice of men.

It was from glo.msn.com and references the site TheCheeky.com.  It would be funny and a great gag gift if the original site wasn’t asking $550 for it.  I get it, it’s titanium and all, but $550 is insane, especially for something that smacks of insecurity and, dare I say it, sexism.

Not cheeky, just obnoxious.
I actually wonder how many of these they have sold.

The trope of the cheating husband who hides his wedding band in order to step out on the wife is an old one.  Older still is the concept that it is somehow the wife’s job to stop him.  Like she has to GPS tag him or tattoo him as her own.  Call me humor impaired, but this does nothing to encourage women to have some steel in their spine and to toss out the guy who can’t respect their boundaries.

Also, it’s just not a terribly attractive ring.


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