I am not a baker

And wow, is that a good thing.  Not only can I not bake well, I cannot even decorate baked goods well.   Evidence to follow.

I had a training class tonight at the Cambridge Police station and so once it ended I headed over to the grocery store to grab some quick essentials like milk.  While there I stopped by the bakery bargain bin, also known in some circles as the day-old bread rack, to see if there was anything worth grabbing.  And sure enough, there were a few things I thought were worth grabbing.  One of them was a little cake.  A cake with room for something on it.  So naturally I thought I would surprise my beloved wife with this little chocolate cake that I “decorated” myself.  I was originally going to write something like “National Kelly Is Awesome Day” or something.  But writing on cakes is hard, especially when you have no skills and lack the correct equipment.  So I had to shorten it a bit.

Kelly for the win. Geoff’s cake-decorating skill FTL.

So yeah, aside from pumpkin pies or corn bread or something simple like that, don’t ask me to do baking.  For the good of us all.


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