My life, explained in photos

Lately things have been a little crazy around here.  I have been running at full tilt to get a lot of work done for a lot of different places, getting less sleep than I should, while generally getting very frustrated with the world.  And recovering from pneumonia.  As there have been a plethora of oddly appropriate animal macros floating around on the web (most from ICHC), I’m going to use them to help explain my story.

when your dog thinks you're not well...
Around here the animals make it clear when they think you’re not feeling well, or well enough. When I’d come home from work and collapse they’d sit on me. Guess my nose wasn’t right yet.
hurry, go!
Between all of the various things I had to do, this is what I spent most of my time doing. Only, you know, not on a loop.

I spent a lot of time on email.  And on the web.  And explaining the same things over and over and over again to the general public* and, well, to all kinds of people.  I felt a lot like this.

they're everywhere
I totally understand, kitteh.

And there was plenty of this as well.

Prairie dogs make everything better, even tech support.

Prairie dogs, smarter than your average end user.

By the beginning of the week, this was me.

Till next week, Monday.
Though for me it was really Monday and Tuesday that were punishing. Thank goodness that Wednesday is here.

And because I have had this floating around and I don’t have a good place to use it, I’ll leave you with this, the Disturbing Photoshop of the Week.  Or, possibly, the Month.  I have no idea what the person who created this was going for or where it came from.  I didn’t make it and I’m not sure I’d have the chops to do so.  Maybe they were trying to mock The Trumpster and his hair?  I have no idea.  Either way, here you go.

disturbing pic is disturbing
Yeah, I don’t know either.

If this is some pop culture thing that I’ve missed the boat on, please let me know.  I’m interested in the same way that one has trouble looking away from a car wreck.


*Why, yes, I work a lot with tourists, why do you ask?

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