Trickle-down economics? No. Trickle-down dumb? Maybe.


Is stupid contagious?  I am starting to wonder.

All of the rapidly snowballing stupidity going on these days in the party of Lincoln is yet another sign that my decision to leave back in the early 1990’s was a wise decision.  Lately, it seems that the DNC doesn’t even have to make negative Romney ads anymore.  All they need to do is have a camera follow Romney around and let him make the ads for them.  Sometimes it seems like the best argument against a Romney Presidency is Romney himself.  Even stuff that should be a no-brainer like expressing worry about your wife’s safety after that airplane incident have turned into yet another “Um… what did he just say?” moment.  Of course, the party’s virtual abandonment of scientific literacy is one of the reasons I left, as is its virtual enshrinement of greed, so again, thanks for reminding me that I made a good choice.

Now it seems that Romney-esque gaffes are making their way down the Republican food chain to Scott Brown’s staff, who seemed to think that doing this sort of thing was a good way to attack Elizabeth Warren.  Um, no, guys.  Maybe no one has told you, but engaging in horrifically racist stereotypes is never a good idea, and thankfully you guys even managed to make sure everyone got it on video so your godawful behavior is immortalized for all time on the intertubes.   Classy, people.  Very classy.   Not that you have to look hard to find racism or sexism among the conservatives in this country.

And yes, Native Americans are indeed offended.


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