What will this year’s winter be like?

I have been reading some of the long-range forecasts for this upcoming fall and winter.  Generally speaking, it seems they are predicting a pretty mild fall with temperatures above normal, and then it looks like this winter will most definitely not be like last winter.

A warm fall is not a bad thing, although it may cause some delays in the changing of leaves, I would imagine.  But more significantly the predictions (for now) are for a colder and wetter winter than last year.  Interestingly both the meteorologists and the Farmer’s Almanac are predicting the same result, as far as I can tell.  Now considering what last winter was like, a colder and snowier winter would not be too hard, really.  A coworker of mine was commenting today about how she has not really experienced a New England winter yet because last year was so mild.  Last year I was ready for anything.  We had our new snowblower.  I had gotten my snow boots repaired with new zippers.  I had all sorts of other things ready to go in case we needed it (think emergency supplies for a blizzard or something).  And then last winter just fizzled out.  So we’ll see what happens this year.  I would imagine that my sister Liz and her family in New Hampshire might be wondering what sort of snow they will get this year.  I bet the boys are hoping for some good snow, especially since they have really gotten into snow sports like snowboarding.  We’ll see.  Even if it is colder and wetter, it still may be milder than the average winter, at least in snowfall.   But a more accurate forecast will probably come down the pike before the holidays.


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