I’m not sure I have words for this

“Obsessed with guns much?”

That was about all Geoff and I had to say when this arrived in my inbox today.  Courtesy of Etsy, naturally, I had to click through to the seller and see if this was for real.

It is.

The shop is called FireSculptureArt.  No, they’re not from Texas, they’re from California.  And they make these.

Crazy Shotgun BBQ
This is a custom BBQ. Or a giant shotgun. Or both?
Crazy pistol BBQ
I wonder what the neighbors think if you roll this thing into your backyard?
Crazy Antique Pistol BBQ
Oh, wait, this one is an antique model. That makes it all better…

And then there are the prices.  Ye gods and small fishes.  Yeah, I got nothing.


3 thoughts on “I’m not sure I have words for this”

  1. I got nothing and don’t need/want a +10K grill…but they also got some exploded mailboxes and a pirate chest? yeah – that!

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