Winter weather, minus the snow

This past week we have had some pretty cold days, even for Boston.  Since Monday the temperature has not gotten above freezing at all.  In fact, it hasn’t even climbed out of the teens for the last couple of days, and with the wind chills it has felt more like -10 degrees Fahrenheit or so, especially at night, when it has consistently dropped down into single digits.  Last night it got down to 1.  And tonight it will get that cold again.  Meanwhile during the day the wind chill keeps things quite chilly even when the sun is out.

But we still haven’t had any significant snow this winter.

Now, two years ago we had a pretty hefty amount of snow, so much so that we were running out of places to put it when we cleared the walk and the steps.   I don’t expect winters like that all the time, but when we don’t get a lot of snow I get concerned.  A few good snow events are part of what make winter in New England distinctive from other places I have lived, at least in my mind.  But last year was pathetic, and so far this year has been pretty pathetic too.  Our significant snow event that was supposed to take place earlier this week fizzled, and the one that is supposed to start tomorrow is looking like it will not amount to much either.

But I do find it amusing when it has been so cold that the weather forecasts say things like “Not as cold with lows around 13 [degrees Fahrenheit]”.


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